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It's over for 50 Shades of violator.

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  2. 2. SSG is probably gonna say No! For the first question.

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Posted  Edited by AstroAdaption - Edit Reason: fixing stuff

    It was a dark day on the Resonate IV. Violator had just demoted gamrpown to Trial Member. Xy was brushing his teeth,
3mo 8rony was cooking some pizza. Windee was eating a plate of ketchup.
    "Stop eating our ketchup supply!" Yelled Violator.
    "Not until myPHART get's a promotion." Said Windeetree.
    Later that day Smitty and Astro were on GFL Minecraft 24/7. They notice in chat that myPHART had his rank changed to
trial manager.
    "FINALLY!!!" myPHART Screamed!
    We later looked in chat to see that he was actually demoted to a bottle of mustard. We didn't tell him though.
After about 3 days of 3mo's pizza, Violator and the gang ordered some Taco Bell. They ate like hogs while 3mo sat
in a corner, crying. (His pizza was pretty good btw, they just got mad from having it too much)
As they finished their pizza, they looked in the box to realize that there was 1 pizza left.
    "I deserve it" Said Xy.
    "No I do!" Violator yelled.
    "I can live on ketchup" Windeetree explained.
3mo walked into the room. His eye's beating with a red glow. He grabbed the pizza and gobbled it down in 1 fast bite.
After that, he walked away and used his magical 8rony powers and zapped Windeetree's ketchup supply with his eyes.
    "Was that necessary?" Windee asked.
    "Yes." Said 3mo 8rony
    As 3mo was walking to the front of the ship, Violator had promoted him to Trial Admin. 3mo's first thing he did was ban
Smitty. Everyone expected it. Violator had a calender and for every day it said "Ban Smitty."
    "Took you long enough" Xy explained.
    "I just got admin so shut it." 3mo yelled.
    Zeb walked into the room. His phone fell out of his pocket, showing a picture of TheClassyBandit. It was just his profile picture. That was it. It also had a picture of a potato next to it. The picture and the potato
looked pretty similar.
    "DING DONG DING DONG" It was Midnight and Violator needed to get his beauty sleep. Xy went to his room and
noticed PB-n-J, going through Xy's computer, deleting system 32 and installing Linux on his PC, downgrading his
CPU to a Core Duo, 2 Gigabytes of ram and no graphics card.







(people in story) @Xy_ @Violator @PB-n-JasonVoorhees @TheClassyBandit @3mo8rony @myPHART @AstroAdaption @gamrpown @ThatHighQualityStuff @Spookytree

Edited by AstroAdaption
fixing stuff


thanks @Violator

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Just now, AstroAdaption said:

Welcome to GFL TTT Minecraft 24/7. This is a normal day.


How may I assist you?

i need the IP to any other GFL server please. get me out of here. please.

But in all seriousness, this was entertaining to read although i know none of the characters except for Violator.



Director of Divisions and Physion Unturned Division Leader



xQc on GFL Surf 7/16/22



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Just now, Spookytree said:

This makes me feel weirder than i really am.....

Why am i eating a plate of ketchup?


Would you like to eat a plate of mustard?


thanks @Violator

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Posted  Edited by Vaga_Bond




Oh and for the last time,



Edited by Vaga_Bond


TTT Admin

Breach Admin

Ragdoll Combat Manager




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