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Update On The Moderation Team

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Congrats to you all ; )



                                                                                                                                                               -Former Nerd-



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I have mixed feelings about this, but congratulations none the less


Qualified gamer and professional moron

Admin on Breach (loony bin)




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Thanks, guys!


They are definitely excited about taking in new people too.  Very excited.  It's a great time to help join us and create the community the way you wanted- share your vision.


Some of my most common feedback is the visible forum activity is too low.  The last team had a little bit of a problem in that domain and I don't think it would be a good idea to go full circle there.  I see a lot of you guys lurking on the forums a lot I trust you're super active behind the scenes and ready to share your ideas.  Please join in on the discussions!  So many of you all I wanted to basically post on the application saying "Yeah, this one is an easy yes!  +1" but if post count is low... or high quantity of low quality posts, then we're really going to have to struggle and discuss on it.  Make it easy for us :) we want you on the team.




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