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What is inside of Area 51?

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What do you guys think is inside of Area 51?


Personally, I am split. There is some evidence towards aliens and UFOs being inside of there, examples would be Bob Lazar and the radio station getting kicked off the air after that guy made a frantic phone describing what is inside Area 51. 


On the other side, it was the place where the U2 spy plane was tested and the CIA claims it is still used for spy planes and what not. 

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If it's not the recipe for the perfect fluffy buttermilk pancake I will shit myself here and now



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Im pretty sure if it actually had aliens in there, we wouldn't know about it at all. Plus the sheer inlogic of that (ALIENS CONTACTED HUMANITY, BUT ONLY CONTACTED THE UNITED STATES!) makes it basically impossible. 


It is pretty obviously just an airforce base that tests experimental aircraft. 


JUST KIDDING FUCKOS, They're clearly keeping all of the Catgirls and Furry DNA Syringes in there!!!! 

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