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GFL Newsletter - June and July 2021

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Hello and welcome to the combined June and July newsletter. A very short foreword this time. Sorry for how late it is I have a sieve for a brain uwu.


For this month we have hidden a single Easter egg within the newsletter. Be the first to find it and either message @AIexis (Alexis#9876) or @Salad (Salad#6564) to claim your prize! This section will be updated once there is a winner. Good luck uwu!

UPDATE: @Rosalina ♥ has found the Easter egg and has won 1 month of VIP, as she has VIP she has decided to gift it to @Sapphbee!




- @Dragoon


With @Jekyll leaving the position of Division Leader in CS:S a while back, there was a bit of an open space within the division. Of course, we were pleased to find someone new and fit to help fill this role. We promoted @Runda to the position of DL because of both his plans for the future of the CS:S Division, and for his activity that has lasted for some years. Please be sure to give him your regards and send your best wishes.




- @AMP



Early July saw the arrival of a new addition to the GFL family of servers: GMod Minigames! With over 30 maps to start and over 10 minigames to choose from--including Hidden, Deathrun and Floor is Lava--there’s been a little something for everyone to enjoy, and it’s already seen a respectable amount of traffic over the past month. 


Since launch, the server has been managed by @Salad and @Yogpod. To view the server’s rules and a full list of its gamemodes, click the link below!




Happy gaming!



- @Dragoon

Ever since founding it, @Roy has been the Owner of GFL for just a bit over 10 years. Recently, he has resigned and given ownership of the community away. Under Roy, GFL has had high points and low points, as any other community would, but we’ve also achieved some amazing things along the way. Not every online group gets to some of the places that we’ve been, but among all of the people who have joined us along the way, a big person to thank for all of this is Roy. If you ever have the chance and have not already done so, please drop by this thread and send him your thanks!

As for our new Owner, @Aurora has taken that position due to her contributions in managing, her technical experience, and for her constant activity in GFL for years, among other things. I ask that you also congratulate her and wish her luck for the future. To both, thank you for being here, and be sure to stay cool!





Teams and Staff:

@Aurora - GFL Owner


@Lonely - Senior Moderator, Member Acceptor

@Dragoon - Forum Moderator

@BlazingArson - Main Discord Moderator

@M3M3drag0n - GMod Discord Moderator

@Blastoise - GMod Discord Moderator, GMod TTT Anarchy Operator


@Clavers - GFX Team Member


@ryan__ - Event Coordinator

@Dueler - Event Coordinator



@DrakoHD - TF2 2Fort Server Manager, GMod Discord Moderator, Main Discord Moderator

@EZLO - TF2 2Fort 2 Admin

@Robert Crow - TF2 2Fort 2 Admin


@Brock_ - TF2 2Fort Trial Admin

@StereoRaedioVA - TF2 2Fort Trial Admin



@gwen - GMod TTT Anarchy Operator

@xilon100 - GMod TTT Anarchy Operator

@lord of burgers - GMod TTT Anarchy Operator

@Berrawyn - GMod TTT Anarchy Admin
@Dueler - GMod TTT Anarchy Admin

@The1337Gh0st - GMod TTT Anarchy Manager


@AlphaOwl - GMod TTT Vanilla Senior Admin

@olliemas - GMOD TTT Vanilla Manager


@Meow Chan - GMod TTT Rotation Trial Admin

@Avi - GMod TTT Rotation Trial Admin

@Duck. - GMod TTT Rotation Trial Admin


@ves - GMod Minigames Admin

@BluHoser - GMod Minigames Admin, Event Coordinator


@Grober - GMod CWRP Gamemaster

@Tsuna2D - GMod CWRP Gamemaster

@Lone Zombie 981 - GMod CWRP Gamemaster

@tunz - GMod CWRP Gamemaster

@SudTheTurtle - GMod CWRP Gamemaster

@ukeji - GMod CWRP Gamemaster

@DaPainWayne - GMod CWRP Admin

@Young Marty - GMod CWRP Admin

@TheMemesterMan - GMod CWRP Admin

@ColeCWRP - GMod CWRP Admin

@Toxicgamer69420 - GMod CWRP Admin

@Aban - GMod CWRP Admin

@MrSleeps - GMod CWRP Senior Admin

@Wolfyxyt - GMod CWRP Senior Admin

@Grandayen - GMod CWRP Manager

this is the easter egg

@Corrilly - GMod Prop Hunt Admin


@my name is stewie - GMod HNS Trial Admin

@Kaylode -  GMod HNS Trial Admin


@BananaKarl - GMod TTT MC Admin

@Elpida- - GMod TTT MC Admin



@ItzTropicalx - CS:GO Surf Timer Trial Admin

@Brandick - CS:GO Surf Timer Admin

@ColaCanFan - CSGO Surf Timer Admin


@psych0 - CS:GO KZ Climb Trial Admin


@TheRealAdem - CS:GO Minigames Admin



@Runda - CS:S Division Leader


@korrababe - CS:S WCS Server Manager


@Sound7 - CS:S Surf RPG Deathmatch Server Manager


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Thanks to @BlazingArson for the signature ❤️
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