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I'm Resigning

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Posted  Edited by Kumathebear
20 minutes ago, OGsHoeHoeHoes said:

Ha. No one likes you. I like your Afro and snaps but work on that dick game (yes you sent me a dick pic by accident)

anyways bye

Lol I don't have an afro anymore I have a fresh cut and waves boi




14 minutes ago, Windeetree said:

Bye Father I always will love you. :)

I love you too son but do your homework


34 minutes ago, MaskieeTheSnowman said:

Afro bb why

Bears gotta grow up I shaved my hair and my beard gotta get down to business.


37 minutes ago, TheKingOfPyros said:

Sad to see you go, and in my opinion you did fulfill your duty as an admin

Thanks mane


41 minutes ago, The_Mad_Hatter said:

Wow, rip Kuma I'll miss harassing you and telling you TTT needs an admin 


Imma ban you b4 I go lol

Edited by Kumathebear

Wy be a king when you can be a bear- Kuma The bear .... No swag 

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Nobody said you were allowed to leave :lenny:


Good luck on your future endeavors.


(signature made by @Kaylode)

Previously known as Xy.


Twitter ❤️Ko-Fi ❤️Github






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Posted  Edited by PB-n-J

rip Kuma.


Now who's going to stab me in the back multiple times as a T on my first day as admin?




Peace Mr. Bear. See ya around.

Edited by PB-n-J













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18 hours ago, Kumathebear said:

Hi guys I don't post much on forums but I want to say I'm resigning as an admin. It is a decision I didn't want to make but It had to be done, I hope I fulfilled my duty to the best of my ability and I did exactly what I promised I'd do when I became admin. Goodbye to all my friends on TTT1 , it was  you guys that made me stay for so long and I wish you the best. 

I'm still snap chatting you boiiiiiiii i got yo contact 

The King in Gmod. 

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Posted  Edited by Kubnair

Wow ... this is rather sad and shocking news for me . especially since you were the first friend I made on gfl ever and you have always been supportive towards me helped me with my admin apps told me what to do took time to help me when I needed it and whenever theres an issue on ttt I just had to message you and you would be on in a few seconds whatever time of the day it is that's something I loved about you I am going to miss you Kuma don't stop  coming to the server though .  cya soon <3 - your son kubnair 

Edited by Kubnair

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Kuma I am so sad to see you go, you have been in my top 3 TTT admins... sml and understanding bro.

- ShakaYourBooty  [GFL Member] (soon to be administrator...)  + {garry's mod} TTT 24/7 MineCraft GFL Jihad Server Player


With HOLIDAY THEMED GMod {in-game} names.


If I do not act nice to you please feel free to PM me with your dilemmas I'm sure I can be of assistance.








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