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Admin Application - Jared

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Name: Jared
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:188850520
Age: 16
Play-time: 59 Hours
Admin sponsor: 

Why do you want to become an admin?:  
I believe I am qualified to become an Admin because I can answer a majority of the questions players ask, prevent spam, hacking, foul language during game play, and all in all prevent any rule breaking what so ever. I read the chat 100% of the time during game play and have a quick and keen eye when it comes to rules that are being broken. Plus I have a great deal of knowledge about the game. You can say I'm a quick learner. My desire to be an Admin comes from my eagerness to help fellow players in need. I can put my knowledge and abilities to better use once and if I become an Admin.
I want to be become an Admin because I take my job seriously, and doing my job comes first. The sight of one hacker and I immediately gather evidence and put a stop to it. I keep my OBS or Dxtory open whenever I play on GFL Jailbreak. GFL is more of a server to me, it's a community, I love meeting new friends and having fun with everyone, rule breakers can just ruin the fun. I am a good spirited player who helps every player possible. I may be immature sometimes, but I will never go as far as being rude or mingy directly to a player. Being an Admin will help me keep the chat in-game controlled and have a well rounded atmosphere. I will try my best to reduce the amount of spammers, hackers, advertisers and just rule breakers in general. I am able to play whenever needed. I can stay on during the weekend for however long. During a school day I will head to sleep around 12:30 AM which means, I can play from 2:30 PM to anywhere around 11:30 on school nights. I would devote my Counter-Strike "playing hours" to GFL, I may be off here and there for dinner and such, however, I can play for a long amount of time, as stated. I know my past will most likely ruin my chances, I would love another chance and am trying to better myself as a person. 
Why should we accept you?:  I believe you should accept me because I am trying to better myself as a person. I want to help make the server a better place once step at a time. Being an admin I can help out way more. I use up most of my free time on GFL Jailbreak and I'm very active. I messed up in the past and most people dislike me for this reason but I can show the community I can change. I can add any player on steam so if anyone needs an admin on I'll jump right on the server. 
Extra information(how to contact you, times you are available etc):
Discord: j4r3d#1584
Skype: trixsumc 
Snapchat: trixsu

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Please view the requirements list and make sure that you have everything filled



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It's going to be a -1 from me.



You have a decent play-time

You know how to play CT

Things you can improve on:

Get to know the Jailbreak community better

Get involved within the wider GFL

You haven't actually submitted a player report in the report forums.


Often disrespectful to admins

No admin sponsor

Breaks rules constantly

You've had several player reports filed against you

You've been banned from the server once before, and I think you should give it some time before applying for admin

You're known on the server for being a troll and a rule-breaker

No strong relationships with any admins on the server

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No sponsor = No Admin


You can write the whole bible in the reasons but if you don't have an admin to sponsor you, you will not get accepted.



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2 hours ago, nocheat said:

This bro didn't even get a sponsor before applying kek.

I'm interested who's gonna be the first one to lock this thread. 

Please do not write in admin app if you are not an admin, thanks.

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