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  • Passing the torch - New Garry's Mod Division Leader


    Hello, I would like to announce the new GMod Division Leader, @Zero! @Zebra has decided to pass the torch to Zero essentially because he will be too busy with his life and hasn't been able to actively help the community as he usually does. Zebra will be sticking around for the next few weeks to help Zero get settled in with his new role in the community, and then he will be set down to Community Advisor after that time has passed. 


    Zero is noted for his technical knowledge, development, and server management. 


    Please join me to welcome and congratulate Zero, and to give thanks to Zebra for the work he did with Garry's Mod Divison. 


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    My baby bro. I love you Zero, congrats!

    And I do have to give @Zebra a wonderful thank you. Zebs you have came a long way man.

    From day 1 since I have played Purge you and a few others were huge role models.
    I saw you go from Admin, to Manager, to DL. It's been wonderful.

    You have shaped the Garry's Mod community in my opinion.
    Thank you for giving so much to Garry's mod and giving myself the opportunity to Manage Purge.


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    Had to write a beautiful thing for Zebra
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    41 minutes ago, tiddieman25 said:

    Can you look at my membership application 

    This isn't the correct thread to use to request the status of a Member Application. In fact, there is no thread to check the status. You could reply to your Member Application directly, though.


    I will go ahead and ping the team responsible for the Member Applications in our internal Discord server since it seems like they haven't been looked at recently.


    Also, congratulations @Zero!



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    @Zero You've made your father so proud. I still remember to this day when you were just a little kid in the 1st grade,me and your mother were still together,and your sister was still in high school.Son,words can't describe how proud I am of you becoming Division Leader of the Games For Life  server on Garry's Mod. My god if your grandma was still here, she wouldn't believe how successful you've become.Alright well its been a good time son,but my time to go is coming up , just always remember Tiddieman25 aka your father will always love you. 


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Your Father

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    4 hours ago, Aquaticfilly0 said:

    Congrats!!!!!! I remember when you were just a peasent member. Now look At you! Succing only the finest of cock to get where you are now!

    Love you no ban me plz

    Eh, he's still a bloody peasant.

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