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Found 22 results

  1. Just wanted to report that Legit Scroll and Stamina are weighted the exact same as far as how many points are given for a time on X tiered maps. Also everyone is constantly complaining about not being able to RTV until the maps been played for 8 minutes when they accidentally vote for a map they don't want to play. I do understand the idea is to give people a chance to play a map for a bit before getting the map changed on them. But 8 minutes seems like a long time, and for a lot of maps that are longer than 8 minutes it's even more frustrating to have changed on you after already spending that time on it.
  2. In-game name: Frank / a dream of life Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:78279565 Community Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/retiredbhopper Who banned you?: I don't know who banned him. Why you should be unbanned: I am writing this appeal to get my good friend unbanned. He was banned more than a year ago. I want to bhop with him as he is my good friend and he's also a pretty good bhopper. He apparently used a script but has assured me he is very sorry and will not use it again so I believe it. As he's a pretty funny guy he would really enrich the community in the server.
  3. At this point im begging for an unban i was 12 years old when i got banned yes i was cheating i litteraly quit for 2,3 years now im back and i really wanna play it was a dumb mistake gfl is the only server alive on bhop i would just like one more chance please ❤️ STEAM_0:0:137821334
  4. ban appeal

    hi i got banned a few years ago i need an unban i wanna start bhopping again i admit i was cheating but i wont anymore obviously just need an unban
  5. Bhop Map?

    It would be really cool to add the map " bhop_fps_max_sr " to the server, it's pretty a pretty cool map
  6. In-Game Name: Sneakyy Server: [GFLClan.com]100-tick BHOP Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:1108738 Who Banned You?: Rockstar Why you should be unbanned: I was banned for "General Exploit of Game/Map/Server" on the bhop server. This is was due to me using sm_noclipme to get the record for the prespeed style on a bonus "bhop_24". However I was not the only one performing this tactic to get the time, I had just been the fastest. In my opinion this was fair play because the noclipme command is usable by anyone on the server and you could technically complete the map in the same way by prespeeding a LOT.
  7. Stop banning people just because you're misinterpreting a keyboard with bad or no anti-ghosting features as a null config. The GFL bhop server manager (Reeve) has undone these incorrect bans in the past, stop creating extra work for him. The owner of the anticheat you're using has come forward and said that the admins are using it incorrectly. Silencing me will only make this look worse.
  8. I was so bummed out when this happened. I was there for 1 hour, at least I learned how to beat the map.
  9. 2 weeks ago, I was able to partner GFL with the CSBhop Discord Server. They host competitions every Saturday alternating between CS:S and CS:GO. Three different servers open at 8:00pm in each region: EU, NA, AUS. But each player only gets 3 hours to get the best time. After 3 hours, you will be moved to spectator and cannot compete any longer. The 3 hours only applies when you are alive, so you are allowed to switch to spectator or disconnect when taking a break. THERE IS PRIZE MONEY!!! First place wins $20 and there is a random prize of $10 given to any participant. How to Enter: Join the discord at: https://discord.gg/eWya9A3 Ask for the GFL role in the #role-requests channel Type !whitelist <your steamid> in general Join the game server and have fun (: Hope to see you out there
  10. As many of you know, today marked a new start for the CS:S Bunnyhop server. We finally moved from the 4 year old timer that everyone loved, but the new timer brings many new opportunities. I hope that everyone is happy with this new change and I look forward to seeing how this timer does. There's only one thing missing from the new timer is ranks. There are ranks to keep track of your placement, but there aren't divisional rankings like [Beginner] and so on. This is #1 on shavit's agenda though. He should be done with it soon! Come out to Bhop and check it out! (:
  11. @Reeve What would be a punishment for bhop scripts and hyperscrolling inside of the BHOP server
  12. I was playing on the GFL CS GO Surf server, and the UI commands for example !rtv and !help didn't work. If you wrote those in the chat nothing would happen. The normal orange menu UI didn't appear, and I didn't get any of the usual donor commands to work. My VIP tag wasn't showing even though it works in every other server. Everyone was just [New]. I couldn't change tags via /settag or similar commands. I am not sure what has happened, but I believe that the admins/owners should look into this and fix this. It can't be too hard to maybe just restart/reset all those commands (like reinstalling the UI) or something. I'm not that techy person, so I don't know. Lol. I hope these issues get fixed soon. See you on the BHOP, and 1v1 server! - Hege, the Finnish guy. ( Also a new donator, so I haven't introduced myself to everyone. )
  13. Some people like to complain (mostly me). Some people like to bitch about things (lore mechanics, things they suck at). Some people said bhopping was bullshit and should be removed. Bhopping is perfectly fine in my opinion. It adds skill gap (which I'm probably going to say a lot). If you don't want an SCP bhopping up to you just shoot it. Even the slightest poke will make a bhopper loose all their momentum. Find a way around it. Counter play.
  14. So hello there, My name is Martin from Spain and im 19 years old. As title says i'm coming from the good old cs 1.6. I was there whats considered a bhop/kz 'pro' having a few world records on certain maps and furthermore probably one of the oldest ZE players as well. Im leader of a clan called 'E[j]A' which stands for Escape Art: Jumpers - entirely for ZE and freerunning the maps in the most beautiful and fast way possible. Of course thats not bhop server and its important to know the teamwork and the other essential skills of the ZE mod. If I only wanted to race i'd play only KZ servers. :D I've played CS;S ZE as well but didn't really like it due to difference in movement and not only that but in plugins as well (as main purpose) So having cs;go I decided that I should finally look up for some ZE servers in this game. Checked on gametracker which is the most played one, and not only its the most played ZE server, but overall the most played cs;go server overall, which is quite impressive if you ask me. In any case before downloading and waiting and learning the mod, I decided to find some essential answers for my questions in order to decide more rapidly if its really worth playing it. So here are my questions - 1. Is the server 128 tick? I ask this because to me and in cs 1.6 as well, movement in ZE is really important, knowing how to gain higher speeds in order to get as fast as possible to the end. We all know default cs;go settings are tr*sh, but with 128 tick you can actually resemble a little bit the old feeling of true movement competition. In general what are usual settings for all ZE servers? 2. Does it have records time system? I'll explain. In cs 1.6 a lot of ZE servers had the so called record plugin system which resembles a lot kz/bhop servers, but its not the same. Consist in taking the best time on map (Plus having top15 times). It was real fun because a lot of good players were entering and trying to race with each other. What better than having a server where you play against zombies, but also having a movement based competition, after all its zombie ESCAPE, and the most appropiate top would be something connected to running/speeds etc. +Sometimes they were even doing tournaments where people compete for the best time BUT not really the freerunning like on bhop servers they had the obstacle of being chased by the zombies like a normal gameplay. Is there something like this here? 3. In case you have it, is it connected to some other type of system? In 1.6 we had that level and reset system. Ill explain - you gain one 1 reset after reaching 100 levels. While upgrading your levels you gain the normal guns and grenades. BUT if you reach 100 level you have 1 reset. You need to start over from level 0 and again unlocking the normal guns but because you have 1 reset you can obtain a SPECIAL gun or grenade. Normally there are around 40-50 resets with special guns and other stuff in this kind of system. If yes - do you upgrade these levels with experience by escaping with the vehicle? 4. If some servers have this system is it connected to the records system? In some servers in 1.6 each month records of top5 times are reset and the top5 players per map are rewarded with experience with WHICH you UPGRADE your levels. This is not the same experience as to escape each round. If you gain like 100 experience by escaping the experience from the records its like 5000 per record on map (depending on your place as well) 5. Are there any classes of zombies and humans? Personally I dont like this because it goes too much with the zombie plague mod and thus changing the point but still? 6. Where I can find the rules? XD I mean i hope that basic rules as "dont break anything, teamplay, dont close, dont camp zombies on the spawn, dont call too early and escape alone¨ and etc? 7. Do water strafing (holding space and then spamming a/d + mouse movement left to right) works here? In 1.6 that was a good way to gain speed (limited tho) on maps with a lot of water. 8. And finally if there isnt anything like this in cs;go servers, do you - cs go ze players consider worth making a detailed suggestion of them explaining how each system works? Thats all for now. Im pretty sure the answers of these questions are all over the place but thats the thing... I wanted to know the answer of these exact same questions becuase It would take me much more time to search them 1 by 1 not knowing if in the end ill like the mode in CS;GO or no. This way some skilled cs;go ze players can instantly answer and save all the trouble. Its also a good way to know the gameplay style of both games which one might give something to the other. Sincerely, poker.
  15. Senior Admin

    After the new rank updates in GFL, I have decided to promote @MustardTiger to the new rank of Senior Admin. Mustard has shown great leadership and commitment to the CS:S Bhop team. Mustard has great experience as Admin and is great at helping others. He is a role-model to the Bhop community and I believe that he is more than qualified to fill this position. As Senior Admin, Mustard will be watching over the admin team and will be training Trial-Admins and Operators. Mustard will have immunity and authority over the other team members and will help guide them in the right path.
  16. This isn't the first time I saw this happen since it has happened to me on SteamGamers which wasn't after rejoining. The problem would be that the admin on this server, SpaceCow, said a friend was scripting. He immediately gave warnings but didn't spectate him prior to him finding out he was scripting before telling him. He was then kicked. We ran a check before he rejoined the server with my bud Kory who does this shit. He know's what's down so don't even bother starting that shit. So our friend was clear. Had him rejoin and was this time banned. Isn't it simple for admins to spectate someone they have suspicions on before telling them to turn off their scripts. He literally can't even BHop. Sure there are hacks to detect when someone spectates you but honestly, that should be fixed with free cam. He has been playing for a week on that server but this is the first time it happened where he was called out for scripting. Admin gave out information that he was scripting but 100% assured it wasn't a script. Before you complain or go against what I say, I'm asking why can't the admin spectate someone they have awful lot of suspicion on. It's not really that hard since it's their job to keep the servers clean. Instead, an overly prideful admin who thinks he's the best for punishing someone on a faulty detection system. Not only that, Admin also kicked someone he was on bad terms with 2 weeks ago for no reason. Keep your admins on your server in check. That's a joke. !SM exists for a reason and he fell on top of his bait. Talking to you JokeCow err SpaceCow the easily triggered. TL:DR - Script detection isn't working like it should which could be problematic. Had a friend detect him after the kick and there was no problem since we were also in a call with him on Discord. He rejoins and received a day ban saying he's still scripting. Day ban is no problem but this needs to be fixed if it happens again to him or someone else.
  17. CS:S Bhop Motd

    New motd for css bhop. a slightly edited version of the one that highquality, the old manager, made a few years ago. (p.s. its an image bc the forums doesnt accept html code)
  18. Division Leaders: @Reeve - STEAM ________________________________________________ Server Manager: @Khel - STEAM ________________________________________________ Senior Admins: N/A ________________________________________________ Admins: @Rockstar - STEAM @MustardTiger - STEAM @Razzation - STEAM @HB53 - STEAM @therealnebula - STEAM @StarLy - STEAM @SSBM_Wrath - STEAM @ekren - STEAM ________________________________________________ Trial Admins: N/A ________________________________________________ Operators: N/A _______________________________________________ We're always recruiting! Feel free to apply here!
  19. I didnt feel like typing everything up, so i just took some screenshots and drew over them...
  20. Hi GFL, it might have been better to post this in the Support Bucket forum but oh well, move it if you'd like. I recently bought a CS:GO dedicated server and I want to set up a BHop server. I have mostly everything installed needed except for the timer and zones. I have no idea how to set up the timer/zones plugin and I have tried using multiple plugins for this and I just can't seem to figure out how to do it. I was wondering if I could get some help setting this up.
  21. Bhopping

    A thread like this may have been done before. On csgo, bhopping is much easier compared to css that even some less experienced players can use that trick. If that's not bad enough, it can be a bit gamebreaking especially with the high jump. I feel that zombies bhopping and strafing can be more op than in css with sv_enablebunnyhopping 1. The cause is the fact that there is no stam/penalty jump unlike in css which makes zm movement gamebreaking and defending against zm overall harder even with ridiculous knockback. I'm probably going to be aware of some ppl that use bhopping in csgo too much as an advantage, *cough Flow *cough. I hope this can somehow be addressed.
  22. Membership Application from bdot (aka CoolBurns) Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/CoolBurns/ Steam Check Link: https://steamid.io/lookup/U:1:179298019 Why I want to be Member: I've been playing on the CS:GO GFLClan NA BHop server for over a month now and have become a part of this community through the server and would like to be able to become a member to help further improve this community and have fun doing it and meeting more people. GFL Bans: 0
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