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I'm sorry for cheating (Giveaway)

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As many of you guys know, I made drama one week ago and that I was testing out an new hack. Unfortunately, I was recently perma-banned and that I feel overreacted but same time, I feel like I was being dick asshole to myself and I'm very sorry. 


I wanted to return you guys in favor that I'm doing an giveaway which is rare after getting perma-banned but I just hope you just take this my kindness and sorry to you.


The games I'm giving away are..


I know it crappy library (or games) but I just hope that you guys have an good life out there and that I will be moving to different community.


The only rule you really have to follow is to...

READ the giveaway rules and...

You must be a Member+ in order to participate in Giveaways.
Do not troll/spam the giveaway (this also goes for off-topic and unnecessary posts). Only make one post, unless you're told otherwise.
Don't enter for games you already own.
Only enter for DLC if you have the required base game.
You must redeem the game on the account you entered with, and may not trade it to others.
Do not ask for any sort of payment/exchange in order to enter a giveaway.
Do not link to any referral programs.
Don't trade, sell, resubmit, or give away games you win.
Do not link or distribute private giveaway URL's unless asked to do so by the giveaway's creator.
Begging will not be tolerated.
Do not call out the submitter in giveaways (i.e. commenting on the giveaway claiming it to be fake). Try to submit a player report against them.

Other than that. I'm truly sorry for hacking while you're not suppose to but it has to come down to this.


Just post 1-1000 and I pick the closest number via the random number generator.


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(Made by @Rose, thx :D)


[Former]- Breach Admin, OLD Purge SR. Admin, HnS admin, GMOD Murder admin, GMOD JB Admin, TTT Admin, Forum Moderator, Discord Moderator, Public Relations Team Member, Media Team Member


I'm out



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