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Won’t be on that much anymore

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I made this post to tell GFL that my activity has and will continue dropping due to the fact that I’ve been busy. I might afk on ZS sometimes as I try to bring it back to life but can’t ptomi that I will be on due to School, Sports, and My Girlfriend(things between us have been getting more serious and I want to spend more time on her than on GFL) I wouldn’t count this as a resignation but I might not see some of u even tho I’ll try to stay active on the forums but @Winter after my year break I came back to GFL and went on Deathrun and u were there and became my favorite person to play with @Jat my former jailbreak and prop hunt admin( an amazing person glad u let me hear ur voice!) @Z1galord a great manager u better bring ZS back Or ELSE @canman1151 my first ever manager ik we had our ups and downs bug u were a great man and the best of luck to u @AtomicHeadphones my prop hunt manager I will miss u and day sexy voice ? @OwnerOfGames4Dan_rapperdan Ik we basically never ever got along but ur the greatest meme of all time and I mean it @Xy_ amazing person wish I still saw yellow on ur name


if I missed a mention tell me below 

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Mention, @ThePunisher? :( It's sad to see you go and I wish you the best of luck in life if I don't see you again!

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~Made by the lovely @Rose::x: Thanks. <3


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::x: luv u





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I've been busy with life too in the past weeks so I couldn't get on in zs as much as I used to in the past, you've been a great friend @ThePunisher, anyways good luck dealing with your problems, I had fun playing with you and @Kcim in GFL Ragdoll Combat during are past attempts on reviving it

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Posted  Edited by OwnerOfGames4Dan_rapperdan

tfw you still get noticed for just being a meme yet I do so much behind the scenes :( but sometimes being known as just that sort of lets me do things others can't do so I guess it's some what good even though some times my efforts are noticed every now and then. fyi you have done some things recently which slowly earned my respect back that might involve the zs server :L

Edited by OwnerOfGames4Dan_rapperdan

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