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Cause I totally didn't know any of this :) Can't wait to see it all work out @Roy. With the new teams and upcomming things yet to happen I believe we'll all get through this greater than before :) Hope you get some good experience and knowledge with the new job and eventually enough time to not stress about it all :)


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You still smell

5 hours ago, Roy said:

Just another note, I will not be stepping down from my current position as director.

god damm it


5 hours ago, Roy said:

I will continue to work with @Xy_ with the back end and we have both been working on things recently

when is the marriage going to be announced? @Xy_





@Ash-'s opinion on gmod: 






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Glad to hear you’ve gotten this opportunity, @Roy! Hope everything goes well, I know you can do this ;)




-Don’t stress your inactivity, we can forgive you, it’s no biggie 

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