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February Suggestion Award Nominees

What should win best suggestion?  

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    • Revised 173 by Supreme Leader 049
    • SCP-019 by Cpt. Haxray
    • SCP-2270-A by Doomnack
    • SCP-1471 Rework by The1337Ghost
    • SCP-682 Sounds by Jomean
    • Serpent's Hand Raid by Maximino007
    • Samsara Nerf/Dr. Clef Buff by Cpt. Haxray
    • Swordfight by Notzerg
    • Janitor Class by Maximino007
    • E-SCP-D by Mythryl

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Its the last day of the month. Which means its time to announce the nominees for the first monthly Garry Awards (Suggestion Awards.) Please note that implemented/soon to be implemented suggestions are not going to be nominated, and denied suggestions (or suggestions with overwhelming amounts of downvotes) won't either .  The awards for February are:


Best SCP Suggestion 

Includes all SCP suggestions, suggestions to fix scps, everything involving SCPS.


Best Special Round Suggestion

Just what it sounds like.


Best Miscellaneous Suggestion

Everything else



The superior suggestion of the month.


The winners get absolutely nothing the feeling of validation. 


And now, without further ado:


The February Garry Award Nominees


Best SCP Suggestion NOMINEES


A great, simple and easily codable (probably, maybe, maybe not, i know nothing about coding) suggestion. 


Highkey only nominating because i had the same idea. I'm biased, but shut up. Of all the hax suggestions i could have nominated, its this one. Which i did. Good job.



My favorite of doom's suggestions. While it seems pretty pointless, its actually really great and fun if you think for long enough. And if you're doped up on morphine.



Please do this i beg of you. Among the best of the 1471 suggestions.


I just want this.



no, my scarlet king suggestion does not count


With a few edits, this would make a great SR.




IMPORTANT NOTE: I am only nominating the Swordfight round. 






Only released yesterday. Already one of my favorites.


We all want this. But hax put a personal spin on it, and went the extra mile to offer an entirely new shotgun. Easy nomination.



OOooooh how much i want this. And yes, yes, i know, SCP:SL is basically a polished clone of Breach. But come on, this is a great idea.



And those are the nominees for the February 2019!  A full list is found below. Feel free to +1 any suggestion (that is not your own) to increase its chance at winning. Please note that this is just for fun. If you werent nominated, its not an insult at all. This has no functional purpose, it is solely for the purpose of fun. 










@Supreme leader 049


The winners will be announced tomorrow (March 1st, 2019) at 9:30 PM EST.




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4 minutes ago, Maximino007 said:

I hope Ralsei adds the winning suggestion (Probably not)

I doubt it. However, one of the purposes of the awards is to give it a second look, maybe tell ralsei to consier it again

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My personal favorites were the janitor, 1471 rework, and the 682 sounds.

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