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The TRUE SCP Tier List

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Posted  Edited by Maximino007

Hello this is a tier list for every std- I mean SCP. This is the TRUE tier list meaning, well this is the TRUE tier list. Every SCP will be will be in tiers from S to A to B to C to D and to E. I will check all of these SCPs strong points and weak points.

We'll be starting from the bottom tiers and up!


E Tier:

SCP-2521   Image result for SCP 513

This is literally the worst SCP in existence. If you get chosen as 2521 consider yourself the opposite of lucky, meaning unlucky.

I'll explain why this SCP is truly garbage.


1. Unnecessary nerf to SCP-2521's LMB. SCP-2521's slowness ability was once his attack as well. It's slowness was the only thing that was making it kill people.

Now it's slowness and attack got separated. That's right. THEY GOT A DIVORCE! And now 2521 is suffering because of it.


2. Not alot of health and it's slow. SCP-2521 is extremely bad because of it's slowness and lack of health. When SCPs are slow, they usually have lots of health to take some nice hard bullets.

But 2521, NO. HE GET'S NOTHING BECAUSE HE HAS "a longer ranged attack" ABSOLUTE GARBAGE.


3. Low attack damage. Ok, sure 2521 has a rapid attack and it has a pretty decent range. But there is one thing. NUMBER 2! HE'S SLOW AND THEY CAN ESCAPE IT EASILY. INFACT, I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THAT 2521's SPECIAL AND LMB HAD A DIVORCE. I THOUGHT IT'S SPECIAL WAS REMOVED.


SCP-610  Image result for Meatball

Alright. I am absolutely disgusted of what SCP this is. Sure, it's slow and has lots of health. Infact, it's the SCP with the most health out of all of the SCPs. But there is one flaw with it.

It's infection mechanic. SCP-610's LMB is to infect people but it they can easily prevent this from happening AND they can beat the crap out of SCP-610 before they turn into SCP-610-B.

It's special isn't that good too. It makes it stay still for a whole minute doing absolutely nothing but tanking a hell load of bullets. Ok I think you get the point.


D Tier:

SCP-372    Image result for Bug

Alright the reason why SCP-372 is the lowest on D Tier and in fact the only one on D Tier is because of 3 things. Trust me I like playing as SCP-372 but there are some flaws. And flaws mean absolute garbage.


1. Flickering for 1 second. The flickering mechanic kinda ruins SCP-372's invisibility power since anyone can see it for 1 second and know "gys there tree-seven-to here"


2. Attack Range is too small. Sure, it has amazing mobility but it's low attack range kinda ruins it. I remember I was 372 and I was literally clicking a 2639-A and I was close to 2639-A and I literally couldn't hurt it.


3. Lack of health. It's lack of health completely RUINS 372. If a 999 stuns you with one MTF Guard well your going to be at the 700s.


C Tier:

SCP-173    image.jpeg.25614027083acda88cef84d90f3da256.jpeg

 Alright this may seem way to low on the C Tier for SCP-173 to be in but trust me. I have an higher IQ than Albert Einstein... I think. And there is one big problem with 173.

Running into a room with alot of people with weapons. In fact I once crowbared a 173 to death by myself. Truly an awful SCP.


SCP-049   Image result for SCP-049

SCP-049 is also known as the army maker. If you've never heard people call 049 the army maker well that's because no one calls him the army maker.

SCP-049 spawns near LCZ meaning he can grab a couple of D-Class and do a 'special' thing to them, making them do the Frankenstein.

But there is one flaw with SCP-049 and his Frankensteins. Their all slow. In fact I just completely ignore the Frankensteins and attack 049 instead of those freaks.


SCP-106   Image result for Old man

SCP-106 is that one guy who looks at all of the kids in Chucky Cheese with a creepy grin.

SCP-106 is slow because he's an old geezer but unlike old geezers he has a lot of health.

But, like every SCP there is one flaw. His pocket dimension is easy to escape. (If you know what your doing)

It's been so long since I've seen someone die in the pocket dimension.

So he's trash.


SCP-2845    Related image

SCP-2845 is one of the unique SCPs. She is the only SCP with an infinite ranged attack. And it one hits.

But there is 2 simple flaws.

SCP-2845 is slow and it's attack is easy to dodge.


SCP-795    Image result for Cat

This kitty cat recently got a buff and now I actually die because of this little shi-

795 is a neko girl- I mean a cat that has a small playermodel, an ACTUALLY GOOD RAPID ATTACK and it's pretty good in speed.

It's special turns an enemy into a rat and I swear to god if someone calls it a mouse I'm going to make a suggestion for every SCP to have a special that effects themself badly.

It's only problem is a lack of health.


B Tier:

SCP-457    Image result for Man on fire

SCP-457 is a man that's very hot.

SCP-457 has alot of health, a pretty decent ranged attack that constantly goes around him, rapid attacks to gates, and even a sprinting special.

It's only flaw is that it's fire deals low damage. He is on B Tier because he's hot.


SCP-334    Related image

SCP-334 is a plasma fox that looks like an eevee for some reason. I KNOW THERE ARE FOX PLAYERMODELS OUT THERE BUT NO.

This should really be called "Maximino007 complains about every SCP"

SCP-334 does more damage than 457 and it has a smaller playermodel AND it gains health for killing people.



SCP-682    image.jpeg.7a9f0235fcc989acd6c19f3f0d1b3519.jpeg

SCP-682 is a reptile that ate too many big macs that has a terrifying playermodel that will give children at the age of 4 nightmares.

SCP-682 has lots of health, 1 hits people, pretty long range due to it's playermodel AND a sprinting special to get close and get dirty. It also heals/gains health for killing people.

SCP-682's main weakness is it's huge hurtbox.


A Tier:

SCP-096   Related image

SCP-096 is an albino depressed man that can't take damage but it can ingame so it breaks lore.

SCP-096 cannot take damage while being raged, meaning it has no weaknesses while charging up.

SCP-096 is then fast and I think it should be able to 1 hit people but whatever.

Even elevators can't kill SCP-096 while T-posing.


SCP-1471    Image result for Furry

SCP-1471 is a furry that has a lot of por-

We are going out of topic.

SCP-1471 is a dog man thing with a skull as a face that's very hairy and it likes to scare people.

When I say scare I mean kill.

SCP-1471 teleports to a random players with a radio, S-nav, or I think nightvision.

This means 1471 doesn't have any strategy for playing.


SCP-689   Image result for Statue

SCP-689 is part of the 68 trio. The 68 trio has SCP-682, 689 and SCP-681.

SCP-689 has some kind of strategy since it can teleport to the last person who has seen it.

SCP-689 is also higher than 1471 because it's not a furr-


SCP-066   Image result for Spaghetti

SCP-066 is one of the best SCPs i'd even seen.

It is capable of doing 200 damage if you get hit by all of it's ear blasters.

Therefore it is overpowered and it needs a nerf.



D O E S N ' T    E X I S T .

N O   M O R E   Q U E S T I O N S .


S Tier: (Also known as God Tier)

There is only one SCP in this tier and it's high and mighty. It is truly the best SCP ever.

And that SCP is...


SCP-681    Related image

SCP-681 is balloon also known as the leader of the 68 trio.

This balloon is stronger than every SCP combined. It has no weaknesses.

It's hurtbox is small. It has a bunch of shit clouds that damages people and it get's everywhere.

This is truly a god SCP.


Well that's all of the SCPs (I think)

SCPs that don't exist are not included!

017 shall not be here because it's too overpowered.

Edited by Maximino007

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59 minutes ago, Doomnack said:

Just saying but,


there's something seriously wrong if 795 is that high. Health buff pls

nerf 795

795 op

795 kill me

795 is god

795 reminds me of a neko girl

795 turns me into the rat i am

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18 hours ago, Maximino007 said:

It's hurtbox is small.

hitbox is the same as the researcher model, aim a little lower.


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