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yeah. i know there is probably a lot of people that didn't see this coming, but i think i've run my course throughout gfl. i've seen every position server manager and below in a short amount of time, but that in that short amount of time, gfl became really special to me. 


anyway, sparing all the cheesy shit, i just want to comment on a few people who have been big factors for me here:

@Leks you taught me a shit ton about server management, i really appreciate you. and give these guys jailbreak back soon, yeah?

@SkellyGFL take care of awp for me bb girl, ill try to stop on again.

@Rick don't fall back into old habits dude. im not afraid to message you on discord and kick you in your ass again.

@Worgee you're became a really good friend to me dude. idk why i tagged you though, since we're still gonna be gaming together. u suck at bedwars.

@Angel Maria you're awesome. don't let anyone ever tell you different. and sorry about this.

@Remuchu keep up the awesome work buddy, i know this is kind of unexpected. You're one of the very few people that I could actually hang out with irl.

@Mejilla ily 4head.




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The situations as to why you left are shitty I understand but I respect your decision and I'm extremely thankful for your help with CWRP and myself. 


I wish you the best of luck brother.

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Sad to see you go man, good luck in your future!




CWRP Admin
Discord Admin

Forum Admin

Shadow COL

Shadow Assassin
Jedi Knight

Jedi Shadow 2



AWP 24/7 Admin





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