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"The Diversity of Dystopianism" - A New Kind of Survival. (PART II)

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Posted  Edited by Bue.


👉 ~~ Deliberately Inspired by: @Salad's Story and parts of  "The 100" Tv-Show Series ~~ 👈



157 years after the year of 2020, came a time where a nuclear war took place and destroyed civilization. All left of humanity remained above in a spacecraft, revolving around the "uninhabitable" planet in which they called Orb, but we recognize as planet Earth.

A spaceship housing humanity's lone survivors sent only 75 involuntary individuals back to Orb, in hopes of the planet now being tenantable. This planet will soon be seen as a beautiful home by the survivors, but later, will realize that this place that they called beautiful, is nothing but a dystopia.

Can they find what it takes to survive?


(Part one-)







𝕸𝖆𝖎𝖓 𝕮𝖍𝖆𝖗𝖆𝖈𝖙𝖊𝖗𝖘:







𝕹𝖔𝖜 𝕾𝖙𝖆𝖗𝖗𝖎𝖓𝖌:








(...Part II...)

(Excuse any mistakes!)


As FrenZy pulled the lever down, air hissed as the door started dropping down at a slower pace than expected. With sunlight peering through the cracks, Nick pulled FrenZy back, anticipating the worst. The door thundered down onto the grass beneath it. The surviving council members stood their ground as falling in a mesmerized state but not to only what they see, but what they felt. Nick lets go of his grip on FrenZy, taking his first step towards the door way. FrenZy steps up with Nick, soon finding themselves walking to the very edge of the doorway where the stairs leading to the ground were.



Before they took the first step to the ground, Frenzy said "For Skittlez.."


Nick followed up by saying, "..For Ben."



They both jumped hesitantly from their pod to the ground.... unknowing of what potential dangers lie on the ground. Feeling the stiff grass underneath them, they then began to look beyond themselves, perceiving the mountains, batches of forests in the distance, and the lakes. Witnessing the contrasting colors all meshing together around them. 

Soon enough, the rest of the people on board were leaping to the same ground.

Getting food or water was not their intentions as of this moment, only to explore and inspect this new world that they've just encountered.



"This is truly the most beautiful scenery that I could ever imagine." says Nick, feeling overly astonished.

"It really is. So how do we expect this to going to work, exactly? Like... great, we get food from stabbing chickens and ripping apart lizards but are our clothes made of jungle weed or some shit now?" says Aurora while crossing her arms and looking over her shoulder.


"You know, that's where my heads at too- like is there gonna be like.. twigs or tiny fishies flying up our asses when we take showers in the lake?" Shuruia says.


"I blame nick for all of this. His fault. His constipated ass probably clogged the toilet enough to force the shit into the gas pipe, causing it to explode.." Pyros says while kicking the grass with his feet.

"Are you mentally disabled? Or just slow... because that makes no fucking sense." Nick says, feeling attacked.


"Have you ever tried joking? Might be lil fun for a change." Says Aurora, while also inspecting the lake.


"You guys are too calm for this- do you realize that we are literally located in the middle of no where with no food or shelter in site?" Nick says.


"Well, that's why we have you to fix our problems, big boy. Get workin. Chop Chop." Shuruia replies as he heads towards a large, odd looking tree.


"Can you guys actually start acting like a council and direct us to safety?" Says a random person from the crowd.


Pyros replies with, "I think you are underestimating our ability a little bit-" 


"No. We will lead as a team, if you don't think you are capable- then join them." Nick says, pointing to the juvenile crowd.


"Feisty. I like it." Pyros replies with, in a humorous manner.


"We need to figure something out so we can actually sURVIVE tonight." Nick tells the council.


"OH. Right." Says Shuruia.


The team takes a minute to think but FrenZy shouts, "we should definitely stay in the Pod for protection but build around it.


"How so?" Nick asks.


"Like, a wall leading around with a gate or some shit. Gigantic rocks in front of the walls, maybe." Pyros announces to everyone.


"We can try that." Nick replies.



After the discussion and bickering ended, everyone was assigned to go get different supplies in different groups. By the end of dusk, the groups brought back minimal amounts of fresh water, twig-wood, fiber pieces, small yellow and blue berries. The council team worked together to bring back large piles of wood, rocks, stones, and sticks that were shaped by sharp rocks into spears. They also took as much time needed to roll boulders over to where the pod was as well. 



As everyone starts getting to "camp," Nick announced, "We will do our best to keep ourselves warm and comfortable with what we have tonight. We'll soon sleep and by the crack dawn, we'll start getting more supplies but hopefully a shower in."


"Yeah? How do you expect for us to actually bathe?" FrenZy asks.


"Well, I'm sorry we don't have the typical fancy showerheads to run our asses under, FrenZy- we'll have to go in the lake." Nick replies with a sarcastic tone.


"There you go! See, your gettin it. Just a little more like that, and you'll actually be considered funny!" FrenZy remarks.


"Yeah, Yeah. Oh and- Before you go to sleep, get a fire starting for these people." Nick says, walking in the Pod to go find a place to rest.



In a new and unfamiliar place... everyone was on edge, struggling to sleep. Nick had the worst of it; constantly waking through the night in fear of the unknown dangers that could be surrounding them at any moment.

When sunlight started peering through the trees off in a distance, Nick sat in front of a wall inside the shuttle, sharpening his spear with his serrated-like rock. The repetitive noises of him clashing his rock against the stick ended up waking someone that was just asleep by him.



"That couldn't get any louder. How courteous of you." Says a random girl that Nick barley recognizes.


"Oh, my bad. I didn't mean to wake you, I was just drifting away in my thoughts and didn't think to much about what I was doing." He says, feeling nervous.


"No, don't fret too much about it. I was up nearly the whole night anyways." She says, reassuring him.


"If it's any consolation.. same." Nick says with a smirk, looking off into the distance.


As the girl gazes at the stick and stone that Nick's holding, she says, "You know... you could just stick the stone on the spear, tie it together and have a weapon like that."


"Oh- right. I might just do that. Thank you!" Nick says, finally looking up at her with a smile.


"Sure." The girl says, sitting up in her laying position. "I'm Angie by the way."


"That sounds familiar. Nice to see you again." Nick says, now looking down at his stone.. positioning it in different ways on the stick to find the right angle.



As they both go silent, they hear a crying voice outside.



"NICK. NICKKKK. NICK!!" Yells Aurora, waking up the rest of the people that chose to sleep outside.


"... Could you not? We didn't have to wake everyone up this early?" Nick yells back.


"Okay, but we all need a shower. Like bad. Like- it reeks out here. Imma split up with some people and go to the lake." Aurora announces.


"I don't control you... go ahead. I'll probably take a few people down there too." Nick replies.


"Alright cool. I'll go down to the smaller one. How about you go to the one over there so it doesn't get crowded?" Aurora suggests while pointing down the horizon line.


"Sure." Nick says, starting to stand up.


"Oh hey- do you mind if I go with you?" Angie asks while stepping up from her laying position.


"Sure. I was going to ask for volunteers either away so you can tag along if you would like." Nick says, stretching and soon heading out of the pod with Angie.


"Alright! Who ever wants to come with me to go bathe or go for a quick swim, come with me." Nick Announces to who was left in the crowd. 

"I'll go, I guess." Pyros said.


"Sure." Shuruia added.


"I'll go with Aurora." FrenZy mentioned.


"Who ever is coming with us, follow. We leave now." Nick said, heading down the trail with the spear in his hand.



Nick, Angie, Pyros and Shuruia and a few other survivors went as a group down the steep path, heading to the mid-sized lake. As they were walking, little conversations started but quickly ended. Finally reaching the lake everyone looked around cautiously, only to be startled by a loud thump. Turning around quickly, Nick found Pyros lying on the ground, feeling petrified.



"... You good, bro?" Nick asked.


"Yeah, I tripped over this-" Pyros says, picking up a bone-club under his feet that had detail-designed carvings into it.


"What... is that?" Shuruia asked.


"... I wouldn't touch it, that could be anything." Nick says.

"No, this shit's cool. Like hell I'm leaving it." Pyros says, walking passed the people that stopped in their tracks with the bone in his hand.



As the trail progressed towards the shore, they soon saw the beautiful site of the sunlight's reflection prying across the waters surface. Quickly stunned by the sight of so much water, the groups triumphantly stripped into their underwear. Soon after jumping in the lake, everyone was enjoying their time in this new pool of water they had just discovered. They all noticed a unexpected detail of the water, for it being freezing at the bottom of the water but also being very cold towards the top. They all began dipping their heads underwater, swimming in all different directions. The new feelings of gliding through water gave them all the euphoric feeling that they never wanted to forget.



"This is heavenly..." Shururia mentioned, seconds after popping his head out of the water.


"All I want to say is that I never knew it would feel this good just to...... swim?" Pyros added, unable to find the accurate words to his thinking.



After great amounts of time spent in the water, Nick, Angie and Pyros began to swim out to the shore. While they sat along the river-line, they began and finished conversations. While Nick fidgeted with his spear, sharpening it ever more with what ever object he found around him, Pyros skipped rocks into the lake while Angie just laid on her back, looking up at the sky.

Shuruia and the other people started heading back to camp, motivated by their exhaustion.


"Losers. Didn't want to talk with us." Pyros said, throwing a pebble in their direction.


"Skanks." Nick said.


"Wow, your getting really good at this joking thing. We've taught you well." Pyros says.


"Ha-Ha." Nick mocked while still messing with his spear.


"You would think that's sharp enough." Pyros said, chuckling.


"Hilarious. Don't make me test it on you." Nick added still looking up at Shuruia leading the rest of the group back to camp.


"Cap." Pyros called.


"Really, now? How so if that only means more food for the rest of us." Nick says, pointing his spear at Pyros's throat.


"It will never be sharp enough for him, haha." Angie added while still being laid back.


Nick smirks but says, "Yeah, we should head back soon though."


"Nooo, I love it out here. It feels really nice!" Angie added.



As everyone fell silent.. there was an unrecognizable voice that peered around the corner of a hill that's close by. 



"Yeah... refreshing, isn't? Now, who the fuck are you?" Says the random voice.



Who was left of the group, quickly jumped to their feet... standing their ground. Nick being ready to use his spear, he steps in front of Pyros and Angie.



"Don't hurt yourself with that spear, tough boy. I would just like to simply ask... which coalition are you in? Answer honestly and I will have no intention on hurting you or your pathetic people." The stranger says slamming his staff-like-rod on the ground, violently, while mumbling to another random person next to him, "maybe.."


"What?? Coalition? - who the hell are you and where did you come from, How are you even here on planet Orb!?" Nick asked.


"Planet Orb? Haha, did you hit your head on the way down to the lake or are you just playing dumb? This is planet Earth? I digress, we just need to know if you are a threat or not. Answer honestly to where you guys came from and we won't be forced to assonate all of you. " The person said, now standing next to another random person that also came around the corner.


Startled and confused, Nick replied with, "Listen, we just landed here yesterday in our space pod that came from our space station in outer space. How did you get here?"


" ... do we seem brainless to you?... God this is useless. Capture them!" He said but also adding aggressiveness in his tone of voice.


"No, HEY! We didn't do anything? How are we a threat? Let us go, please!" Pyros said while all trying to step back from the troops of people in specialized attire holding metal manacles.


"Wait a minute... That's my club! Where did you find that?" The man says, while instructing one of his soldiers to get it from him.


"I found it on the ground by the lake. It's ugly anyways" Pyros mentions.


"Yo, don't touch me!" Angie screams while they wrap her arms behind her back, tying them together.



The strange man that seems to be the one in charge, starts whispering something to the man next him.



"Hey, listen. If your gonna capture us, at least tell us your names?" Angie adds.


"Gladly. I'm Infra, and this is my second, Liloz01." Infra says holding his staff firmly but then pointing to the man next to him. 


"Errg. Bring them to the ring of fire." Liloz01 adds.


".... This is your fault, Nick." Pyros mumbles.



( End of part II)


💙Let me know if you want a part III. 💙

[ I also apologize if this ever seemed a little rushed, I tried to get all the scenes in in a timely manner. ]

Thank you for reading if you got the chance too! 


Written by,

~~Bue // Blue_Panda130~~









Edited by Bue.

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@Liloz01 so are we burning 'em all alive or what?

Discord: Infra#0001 | Steam: /id/infra- | GitHub: /1zc

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Just now, -Bendy said:

@Infra better say either "Unfortunate" or "Epic" in the next part :P


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