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Lies and Deception

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Dear GFL,

I have been compelled to make this letter to express issues, that I have witnessed, towards the monkeys that run what we call a "gaming community." During my time in the forums, I had witnessed many things that had appalled me in various ways, such as the toxicity shown throughout the GFL discord server. A great multitude of agitators and oppressors have taken presence upon the community which has had many damaging effects, these people include the Directors, Council, and Division Leaders. A manifold of these detrimental effects include drama, false punishments, and also calling forum and discord users the big homo gay. These actions have been seen throughout many events that have occurred, one being where Xy called Gary "retarded." Council are also a culprit of this rising epidemic, although I would elaborate on this subject, I feel as it is self-evident if one takes the their precious time to type @council in the GFL discord server without a reason in mind. Lastly, the Division Leaders are too, at fault. They have tried to impose the philosophy of communism by unleashing their power upon the players to try and express themselves as dominant figures. Luckily, I have a solution for this, which involves the demotion of the culprits to trial users, and promoting rapperdan and I to Directors. With our forces combine, we can rid of the plague that has consumed much of GFL's remaining energy. We will transform the server admins into the Nazi Gestapo that will suppress those who rebel and those who we don't find fit to be a part of GFL. With our luminaries and affiliates, we will bring GFL to the top and topple other servers who wish to take our throne.




@sciguy429 +1 my app :lenny:



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Posted  Edited by Bonk

U big dumb, you shall never take over the GFL power house

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Former: CSGO TTT Manager

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Posted  Edited by rapperdan

so when do I start?

you know I really gotta over throw you I can't have any nazi's on my watch kid.

also within 7 minutes your results fRchaRYTSPy5_wvJIzDKHA.png

this is what I call a hot topic.

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3 minutes ago, Astral Rogue said:

Welp, you heard Marsh, time to make GFL great again by making Rapper and Marsh the new directors.




Can we get rid of roy while we're at it?


(signature made by @Kaylode)

Previously known as Xy.


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