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Inactive For A While

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Posted  Edited by Loco - Edit Reason: Blame phone to put thanks at the end · Hidden

Well get some rest and take it easy!

Edited by Loco
Blame phone to put thanks at the end

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Did you just disrespect me on this server? You dun fucked up faggot. Ill have you know that I am friends with 9 GFL Admins, 6 community managers, 27 server owners, 420 trial admins and 69 board of directors. You think you can just talk shit to me in game without having any sort of consequences or repercussions? You are sorely mistaken you chap fucking cunt. In just one private message, not only I will get you ban from all GFL servers, but I will get you ban from heaven, hell, purgatory, basically all of existence.  There won't be a cosmic plane alive that will accept your dumb mongoloid soft-serve ice cream bitch made looking ass. Prepare to have your spaghetti sliced up by a machete pal. Enjoy whatever fickle time you have left before an admin comes in and bombastically shitfucks you into oblivion for being an arrogant cum shitting cuck you are.  If you only you had an iota of fucking intelligence you would've known that tangling with someone with connections like mine would lead to your inevitable demise.

I'll see you on the forums kidd0.

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Cya man, you know the whole community is here for you! 




CWRP Admin
Discord Admin

Forum Admin

Shadow COL

Shadow Assassin
Jedi Knight

Jedi Shadow 2



AWP 24/7 Admin





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Love you, man. Take it easy and relax.


I will still talk to you about things like dedicated servers and Linux in general. 




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