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MRW Fly Me to the Moon was taken out in the Netflix edition. :  evangelionmemes


Qualified gamer and professional moron

Admin on Breach (loony bin)




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I’m sorry that it came down to this for you, but this decision will get the best of us too, It’s only a matter of time. I never really got the chance to get to know you better, but for the time that I’ve talk to you- you seem really dedicated into what you do and what you have respect towards. I just want to say good luck for anything that comes to you in the future and I hope you get the best out of it. 

we appreciate everything you have done in all the effort and motivation you have put to GFL, it’s our goal to find people just like you for our community. 

I know you don’t want anything to do with the community anymore but I do hope to see you around at any point in the future.

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So sad to see you go, for the short amount of time I got to talk to you you were always such a cool dude to hang out with and talk to! I'm glad to see you go if that's what makes you happy, however :)


Here's one of the many times you made me laugh


Discord: bendy#0001 | Steam: /id/bendeey

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