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Which one of your online friends do you miss the most?

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Which one of your online friends do you miss the most and haven't seen in a while, or even a long time?


Heres mine: 

An online friend that I miss the most is a kid named Revamped Whistle, his real name is Tazz. He and I shared so many memories together on Xbox 360 back in 2012 to 2014. I believe the last time I saw him was early 2014, I checked the Xbox App on my PC, but it just says "Last Online" with no date. My last encounter with him was when we played BO2 multiplayer together and he had to get off. I believe he was 13 in 2014 and I was about 10-11. He told me stuff about his personal life like his father who was actually in prison for attempted murder or something like that, and he told me about his grandpa who treated him like garbage. He had a rough home life and I did feel really bad for him, videogames were definitely an escape for him. We would play almost every day and to this day I still do not know what happened to him. I don't think he has passed, maybe he just wasn't able to play anymore



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I'm pretty good at sustaining gaming relationships with people, but back in like 2014 or 2015 or so I was part of a clan in Rust called Chaindogs. This was back on the legacy map mind you. At our height, there were 16 of us and we pretty much dominated 2 servers where we had colossal bases. For a solid year and a half most of us got on almost every night and raided other bases. I'm pretty sure if you go back, someone even made a whole thing on Reddit about us. But we RP'd, we fucked around, we recorded some stuff that I think is still on YouTube, we just had a great time. But then Facepunch finally released the new map to the masses, so we decided to expand our clan to a 3rd map on the new procedural map. We became a bit too thinly spread, so we decided to abandon our base on one of the legacy servers and just remain on one legacy server and one new one. This worked for a few weeks until a big coordinated raid took out our base on the new procedural map server. We ended up taking a vote where 7 of us wanted to remain on the legacy server and 9 wanted to stay on the new one. We ended up splitting and over the coming months as Rust legacy died, more and more of us left Rust altogether and quit talking.


In the end, it was just me and my friend Avery left on the Legacy server that was slowly dwindling in population, going from (on normal days) 60+ people, now down to a dozen including us if we were lucky. Left in charge of a base far too big for two people to manage, and not willing to accept any outsiders into our clan, we finally realized we had lived long enough to see ourselves become the villains. We downloaded our respective hacks for Rust legacy and went around gathering all the wood we could possibly find until we had a few dozen crates full. In the middle of our crumbling base, we built a tower so tall that the top wouldn't generate if you were on the ground and we left that as our mark. We played some games together after that, but I haven't spoken to another of my Chaindog bois since 2016.


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Bruh... @InfectedKatana @Soviet_nazi

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I met this girl in a game, Ponchiru was her name, and she was the sweetest girl I've ever met. She was helping me going through some tough times and she suddenly... disappeared. Never heard anything from her again, never saw her again. We had some good times together, and I just want to see her again and talk to her, catch up and check on her.



Last I saw her was early 2014.

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Back when I played AQW in 2010, I met a dude called Lilj29. (I spoke to him because my name has always been Liloz or Liloz01, I found it cool that there was another "Lil").


He was a lot older than me, 5 years older and we knew each other up until 2014. The last time I ever spoke to him was in a Skype call. He was having trouble in his personal life, his father died and his mother wasn't coping well. I remember it all but at the time I was young, I didn't understand the circumstances. I still check my old Skype account every now and again to see if he's replied to my messages... I also messaged his Twitter, YouTube, etc. since as early as 2014. Feels bad and weird man.


Some context:


AQW is a browser-based MMORPG that could hit 40k~ concurrent players in 2010-2015. I used to grind a lot with Lilj29 and he was very good at PvP in the game, he introduced me to his friends, he helped me get better at the game the game, he taught me a lot about the the internet and it's culture and even helped me with school work. In short he was my first "real" online friend...

My AQW account: https://www.aq.com/character.asp?id=Liloz
His: https://www.aq.com/character.asp?id=Lilj29 (It's frozen, :()

Contact me here or on Discord @Liloz01#9857

For help with anything Forum related: 

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I played with a lot of irl friends back in the "xbox 360 days" playin' black ops 1 and 2, they all grew up and I haven't seen them ever again.

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currently not anyone... still friends w/ a lot of people i had in previous communities, but there are a few thats gonna be hella depressing when they're gone 


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I have a couple of online friends that I miss & I wish I could reconcile with them.

  • edy. - he passed away, we always talk a lot about anything. he had an abusive boyfriend that I wanted him to leave 😠 but he didn't...
  • kit kat - ever since she left for military/army force, she barely had time with her own life. I don't know how she is now. She finished military a couple years back but she didn't really come online much after one of her family's passing.
  • hatch - this nigga is a complete pervert to anyone he talks to. but its all jokes, he doesn't take it too serious. He gets serious if things gets out of hand, so he's like a toxic idiot that you want to slap for causing the issue 🤣
  • pi & pie - it's two people, I don't really know their real name. but pie used to be called mitsu. We used to be very close friends until they believed in a rumor about me. I used to be extremely nice back then. These two would like stick up for me whenever someone else tries to be a complete douchebag. I got grounded for a month and they stopped talking to me 😭 those two were originally just friends, then started online dating, and now they're married in real life. 
  • turtles (aaron) - He used to be my bestest friend besides edy, simon, and mirae (whom i'll talk about later). We would crack up flirty jokes that means no harm, like it's all fun and it wasn't even directed towards me for the flirtatious discussion. It was more toward his other female friend that he used to like. And i would always edge him to talk to her again even if you guys can't be together anymore. But one day, things got out of hand. There was another girl he was currently dating. She was also my friend, but she manipulated the situation, which caused my relationship with aaron and his girlfriend to break apart.
    • Her name is Kitty (amy). She was also one of my best friend, but not as close as the other four. She was a cool chick, smart, and amazing. She wasn't one of those girls that you see online asking for attention. She hates that. But... somehow she changed after dating Aaron. She became a complete bitch towards any girls that tries to talk to her boyfriend whether just as friend or asking for attention. One day, she went on Aaron's steam account, this is before they even started living together. The girl that I mentioned earlier about how aaron used to like her, she responded back and I don't know what they talked about, but it pissed her off so badly but she was on his account... SO you get the jest of what happen next. So while using aaron's account, she talked to everyone that was a girl or even has a girly name or picture, assuming its a girl. I gave a 😊 reaction when I said hi back. She flipped and told me to stop talking shit about his girlfriend (hinting herself, since she was on aaron's account). I had no idea what the hell was going on. I got mad because I didn't say anything and she was my friend too. It just.... became so fucking cancerous....
      • It went into a war of something I never said. He believed her because it was on his account, she show him evidence of me saying shit about her afterwards like in quotation asking when did I ever say this or that. But she deleted the quotation and he believed in her. They started dating a year later, and they were together for about 6 years and... Amy came on steam just to add me and tell me "I'm sorry for about everything. I was the one on Aaron's account." It took her 6 years to apologize to me, it means she did a lot worse during those years and it just piles up. She told me that Aaron became a lunatic and it affected their engagement. They broke up and she moved on. 
  • Mirae - This girl was my bestest friend way before edy and aaron. I met her on Maplestory back in late-2006 right before it became early 2007. She was pretty cool girl for her age, I was a complete nerd and I didn't know anything since it was my first online game besides gunbound (to all those late hoes, you'd know what i'm talking about. Gunbound shutdown a long time ago so it doesn't even exist afterwards). Like a bunch of bimbos, we would talk to each other, train together, and act like we're fucking lesbians but not actually lesbians. just more like what best friends do. We played the game together till summer-2012. I quit and moved onto PC gaming, well I left a long time ago, just slowly moving to a new game. And she also started playing less because she got a boyfriend. They're married now of course. We talked less and less & eventually she stopped coming online.
  • Simon - This boy was the second best friend that I met with Mirae. He was a gaming pervert, and weirdo. He was obsessed with my Maplestory character to the point where he had to re-create the model of it after I got hacked. But he's really good guy just a bit weird. Whenever Mirae isn't there, Simon would be the one to talk with. He's the one that made my mind fucked up, telling me to search this and that and learn new things that I never knew about at such a young age. This guy, we're kind of friend now... just not like close friends more like acquaintances... It's been more than 10 years since I known this guy and yet he still is the same ole pervert and weirdo.

That's all the people I miss. There's more but it gets more dramatic :DDD


credits to @Clavers

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Posted  Edited by Omid

i was once really good friends with this guy who was new to steam and l4d2 named joeshmo. we always played together like ALWAYS until i started getting busy with life, he found some other friends to hang with (he was lowkey kinda clingy with me since i was one of his few steam friend before that so it was a blessing in disguising) but we still always talked/played whenever i got on. i remember one day i got on and he wasn't on, which was rare but i chalked it up to him just being busy. then weeks started to pass, not a single sign. he hasn't been on since 2013 and i spent a year wondering where he was at with no response. it's weird, we were good friends but we aren't insanely close or anything but not knowing what happened to him after talking consistently for a long period of time has messed with me since. 


another person i used to be friends with was named ramen or something of the like, we had met in this irc in like 2011-2012 and were really good friends. i was really young, catfishing because i was scared of getting banned but also kinda wanted to be attention seeky so i was pretty blatant about my fake identity. he was from the netherlands and always liked to go on tinychat/skype with me (he had a webcam but i'd just use my mic). we were really good friends, always talking and whatnot but i remember i started to get busy with life and eventually stopped frequenting that irc because the community just got kinda cringe. we kinda drifted apart since he was also busy with his own life. i purged the majority of my skype contacts a year or so later after i started to embrace my real identity but was scared of people confronting me about my catfish life. i lost a lot of friends that way tbh. it was really shitty and i wish never did because i lost so many good friends that wouldn't have even cared if i told them who i really was. i remember ramen was a really amazing artist and always got on iscribble with me to doodle random stuff. 


then there was a girl named emma, she was literally my bffl^2. like, we talked about everything together and she got me into dragon age (one of my biggest obsessions) and more invested in the mass effect series. we used to write together and always just voice chat, rambling on and on about all sorts of crazy things along with life. i think she was from the netherlands too, i adored her so much. i got along with her in a way i rarely ever get along with people and i miss her lots. she was one of the people i ended up purging on skype out of shame, fear, and embarrassment but we also kinda stopped talking before that because i stopped getting on as much.


it's insane how someone who you can grow super close with can just disappear out of your life super easily, sometimes you may not even really notice or care until some time has passed and you really start to realize how important and impactful they were to you. 

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When i was real young, I'm talking about 8-10, I had found IJJI's Gunz: The Duel. I absolutely loved the game and played when I wasn't on the usual kids games like maplestory. 


Then came around the first event of thr game, which was basically parkour hide n seek. I started teaming with these two teens (they were about 15-16) and we had a hell of a time. I added them om xfire after and we spent everyday available playing together until my PC died and I hadn't gotten another until almost a decade later. All of xfire is wiped so i can't even get to see our memories, but sometimes I try and hunt em down with no success. Best couple years of my childhood. I'll always appreciate the time i had with MarkX of MA and Animemax from Trinidad n Tobago. 







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I have decent amount

BROODY10 - Used to play with him everyday he’s a really cool dude disappeared ~ 2 weeks ago

Palmys - I’d wake up at 4 am every day to play with him ( he is from Sweden ) and he was such a good friend haven’t talked to for weeks

DuSk_NEOhunter72 - He was a really cool dude, I haven’t talked to him for 8 months he’s from England btw

Theo - I really miss him, he was a father and an owner of a Unturned server I played a lot. I eventually got admin on his server and one day the server was gone ~2017. It broke my heart

Mozzzyy - He was a twitch streamer that helped me get through school everyday, one day he decided stream was rough and it was  hard for him he hasn’t streamed since. 

InfiniteBAM - He’s really good at lots of games COD, Battle Royales he is the person to get me my first ever fortnite win ( I had 1,000 matches with 0 wins lol ) this meant a lot to me, he made a stream I became mod for his stream, he just stopped streaming. 

I can’t think of anymore there was this one kid I had added on Xbox we played Minecraft almost everyday for like a year, I loaded up the world recently and cried my eyes out ( years of joy ) So many memories trapped in a block game.





I might be bad, but I love it


I have too many friends :))





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