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Posted  Edited by Major_Push

Hello, I know many of you probably don't want to be put on a schedule since this is a volunteer position and everyone's busy either from admining, school, work, or just life in general.


However, I think that assigning deadlines for ourselves will be advantageous if we hold ourselves accountable because it's very easy to get lazy and keep saying "I'll do it later" only to find that "later" never arrives. With a set schedule, the "later" has an actual date. 


Ultimately, since it's a volunteer position and you guys aren't slaves, I won't be threatening any of you with demotion unless you literally never do anything. I will, however, be incredibly annoying since that works pretty well. Just know that I do it out of love and a drive to see GFL succeed.


Anyway, I believe that if we all try to do at least 30 minutes to an hour of work a day then we can be much more productive. I get that we can't do it everyday, and I honestly don't expect anyone to work Saturdays or Sundays on GFL stuff, so I'll be annoying but, once again, I won't be threatening.


I honestly trust in all of you not to just take advantage of my leniency and do nothing. Also, since I'm honestly unsure of who I'm in charge of and who I'm not, I'm just going to list everyone in PR Team.


Just reply to this post with what you plan to be working on. If you have nothing to work on then let me or any of the PR Sub Leaders know and we'll try to find you something worth your while. I'll try to find something that's not just busy work since we're after productivity. Also, please talk with each other. Communication is very important especially since we're a team and a team cannot succeed if it's not working together. I'll edit this post with the details you list in the replies.


I'll see if Trello is better for this or not, but ultimately I think having multiple sites to check is just an extra unneeded barrier. If anything, I'll just make the project descriptions on Trello and update the stuff over there for you with the updates I get from talking with each of you.


The format I'll use is this:



[Name of member]

  • [Project name] -- Deadline Date
    • Project details
    • Project updates w/ dates
  • [Project 2 name] -- Deadline
    • P2 Details
    • P2 Updates w/ dates
  • On track? (This will be determined by talking to each one of you on your projects) 
  • Final notes



Nothing too complicated. You can use which ever format you want in response to this post. I'll translate it into the one above.

With that being said, I do want you to try and list these four things:

  1. What it is that you're going to do
  2. Why it's a good idea
  3. Complications you expect to encounter
  4. What we can do to help you succeed


And if you're planning on doing more than one project then please let it be known which ones you think are high priority.

I'll use three colors to represent importance here.

  1. Not Important
  2. Semi important
  3. Important


PR Team Leader(s)



  • Redoing PR Applications -- 1/17/19
    • I'm remaking the format for the applications since Worgee wanted me to.
    • tbh, I don't really have to many changes in mind. :omegalul:
  • Get more PR members -- Indefinite.
    • Need to advertise PR to more players to see if anyone's interested in taking on the job. 

PR Members


  • Nothing currently
    • CSGO 1v1 Event art - Completed 1/13/19


  • Streaming - Indefinitely


  • Streaming - Indefinitely


  • CSGO 1v1 Promotional Video - 1/24/19
    • Voiceover deadline: Jan 16th
  • 2nd project deadline - 2/21/19 (tentative)
    • General CSGO Community Server Promo


  • Rough Draft Events -- Indefinite Process
    • Rough Draft for Events and how it will be organized. All the information will be there when someone wants to do the event. This is to help planning, but as well as producing events at a quicker and more efficient rate.
  • Competitive Team Fortress 2 - done. 
    • Not posted on forums yet
  • Gamemode Mayhem - done. 
    • Not posted on forums yet
  • Minecraft Deadman Event - WIP.


  • Murder loading screen - No date yet
  • Syntax's Karaoke Art - Completed 1/13/19


  • Art for Jerry's CSGO 1v1 Promo Thumbnail - No date yet


  • Karaoke Event - Indefinitely on a biweekly(?) basis
  • OW Event - (I'll add date tomorrow)

@Zeugma or Omnibenevolence

  • Breach Guide Script - Done
    • Waiting for XY to approve since it's his server - Done
    • Waiting for my approval - Not done (?) lul
    • Video production will start later
  • About GFL Project (I think?)
  • GFL Newsletter - Indefinite


  • TTT Guide 


  • Tweeting GFL News - Indefinite


  • Nothing currently (?)


  • Unspecified in house event 


  • Doing some video work
  • Streaming


  • I didn't even know he was PR. :omegalul:


  • Recruitment post - 1/23/19
    • A post for recruitment. :omegalul:




Final note:

I'm going to make a thread right now where we can post project ideas and suggestions so we can be having innovative ideas. I believe in this team and its potential. I know many people are expecting us to fail, but let's prove them wrong. 



Edited by Major_Push

"Be good people"

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I'll go first:


TTT Video Guides


What I'm going to be doing:

I'm going to be writing TTT tutorial guides. I've already finished writing one and need to do voice work for it. @motorsteak is helping me with the filming of it. The first guide is the most basic guide of them all. Guide 2 and 3 will be T guides and Detective/Inno guides, and guide 4 will be one covering many of the common cases of potential RDM that can occur on the server. I can do writing for all of them and voice work but I cannot do filming. I can also do editing but I'd prefer not to since I kind of suck at it. lol. I'll definitely edit my own audio work though. 


Why it's a good idea:

First and foremost, there are no TTT guides to be found on YouTube right now and yet it is one of the most popular server types on GMod. It's also not an easy gamemode to learn. Therefore, I think that over time it should boost our TTT population a little bit in addition to the possibility of it giving us some ad revenue if it does well enough. Furthermore, We can have the video guides posted on the forums which should help drive up views. Anyone who bothers looking up a TTT guide is most definitely someone who is interested in joining a new server since experienced players are already settled in, and new ones are not. Furthermore, I'm planning on making the guides heavily GFL oriented while also being broad so people are more inclined to join our servers. I also think that the TTT server can benefit from having a common cases of RDM video so people know when and when not to kill a player since sometimes it can get really tricky.



My laptop is incapable of filming anything without suffering from terrible frames. @motorsteak is helping me with it and so I'm able to get things moving along. I also am not the best at editing so I wouldn't expect much if I did it. I can, however, do all of the tiresome work of splicing my audio together to make it sound nice. The worst complication for me is probably laziness, but I'm fairly certain I can get myself to work on stuff at least one hour a day. 


How y'all can help:

You guys can help out with recording in case Motor isn't able to anymore, but I think that area should be fine. In particular, it would be very helpful if any of the editors were willing to help me out with it once I finish up my audio and Motor turns in some footage that we can use. Also, you guys can help read my scripts. Any of y'all who are/were TTT admins can help me figure out tips/tricks and whether or not I forgot anything. You guys who are inexperienced with TTT can help me by reading the script (or listening to my audio once it's done) and playing a game to see how well it goes. lol. Finally, please ping me every day in the channel I created unless I post that I did my 30 minutes a day. lol.


Current progress:

Writing for one guide is done. Audio should be done by tomorrow? 



I'm going to split this up into 5 parts since there's 5 videos.

  1. Video One
    1. Writing - Done!
    2. Audio - 1/10/19
    3. Audio Editing - 1/15/19
    4. Recording - 1/17/19
    5. Editing - 1/24/19
  2. Video Two
    1. Writing - 1/14/19

The editing really depends on whether or not I'm doing it, and I'm leaving that as a late estimate. 


I'll edit my post tomorrow morning since I'm lazy and it's 2:40 a.m. Gotta get my sleep.

Also, I'll finish the 4 other parts too. 

"Be good people"

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  • Rough Draft Events -- There is no deadline as it will be continuous work throughout my time.
    • Rough Draft for Events and how it will be organized. All the information will be there when someone wants to do the event. This is to help planning, but as well as producing events at a quicker and more efficient rate.
    • Competitive Team Fortress 2 rough draft is done.
    • Gamemode Mayhem rough draft is done. 
    • Minecraft Deadman Event is being worked on.

I will continue to add rough drafts of events when I can.


1. What it is that you're going to do

I be doing rough drafts for future events until I be able to work on them depending on the current activity of the game itself to make sure some people are playing the game, aka the popularity of it in the community and my own schedule which is a bit complicated at the moment.

2. Why it's a good idea

In case of people who would like to do certain events, I may have a draft for them to help them out with the certain event and be able to assist them with a rough draft where they be able to manipulate it and change it to their liking and purposes for the event.

3. Complications you expect to encounter

My schedule of free time is a bit hard and can be quite complicated. School takes up most of the day to about 2:30 PM EST where I be able to get home. Saturday and Sundays,  I have to work with my parents due to personal complications and what not. This may last to 6 PM EST or so, but can be 4 PM EST if they don't grocery shopping afterwards. Basically 4-6 PM EST is where you see me online most likely on Saturdays and Sundays.

4. What we can do to help you succeed

Just give me the time to work on this since timing is everything. When doing these events are always a risk. You don't know if you are going to get a lot of people or about none at all. Just give me the time to see where most people would possibly be on for the event and the overall popularity of the game itself. It's not that popular one day, maybe due to low update, but people come back to it because there was major update, this will help to boost the population. Just need time.


The post will be edited when updates occur.

Number 15. Infinity War Spoilers. The last thing you want is Infinity War Spoilers, but that's what you might get.

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I'm on mobile but note to myself to add you to the schedule as event drafting with a date of ongoing since it's not something with a set date.


I'm making a separate thread where you can post rough drafts once completed so we can have an archive of future possible events. It'll also be a place to document past events and how well they did. That way in the future we have a good idea of the do's and don'ts of that particular event. Ultimately it's for convenience when making future events and also a way of showing progress.



I'll also add you to the list tomorrow under streaming and indefinite. Let me know when you get a bit more of a fixed schedule so I can list it. Also if you want any new games to stream or something then let me know. I can also provide some if you want to do a giveaway on stream. I also will see if it's fine to use the steam group to advertise the twitch channel whenever it goes live. 

"Be good people"

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I've got pretty much nothing on the table, except for some side projects and the newsletter.

As of 1/12/19, I'm currently working on Private Pull's script for a breach guide (breachie boy here), and I guess after that I'll do the last few articles for the About GFL project. I've been slanting that one off a bit because the remaining articles I have no knowledge at all on, and I prefer prior knowledge so that I have a good sense of what I'm going to be doing. It's also why I've taken up the script; I know breach well, or at least the basics. Private Pull's script I intend on being done somewhere this week if my school will allow, and the About GFL Project doesn't really have a designated date.

If anyone wants me to write something for them, then you are free to ask. Mainly, I do the newsletter (due at the end of every month), but since school's getting hectic I'll see about it. I'm not that experienced in other fields relating to public relations as a whole (video scripting, biographies, etc.) and I'm more accustomed to descriptions and brief introductions, but I am willing to try out something new like I've done with Pull. 

However, if you do ask me to write something for you, please understand it might take a while. I do like my work here at GFL and I try my best to achieve the goal quickly, but I'm pretty much the only writer (Ben is very busy) and I've got my own life to focus on, what with school and all.


Philosophy's nice, but it's also a bit terrifying if you dip your toes in too deep.

I still like learning, though.


also i need an nsfw approval for my potential aura x rogue thing MAKE IT HAPPEN

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Posted  Edited by JerryBomb

CS:GO 1v1 Promo Video -- Deadline: Jan. 24th, 2019 


This is a video editing project, for advertising GFL's 1v1 server in CSGO. 


Voiceover deadline: Jan 16th

2nd project deadline: February 21th


This project is another video, promoting GFL's CS:GO division as a whole. (2nd project deadline may change, things may come up irl and that's too far to tell if that's  good or not, but we'll see.)


2. Why it's a good idea

This is a perfect way to advertise GFL's server. YouTube is a great outlet to show off your community via video content.


3. Complications you expect to encounter

The only complications I expect to encounter is my irl schedule. Things often come up super randomly, and I seriously hope this doesn't interfere with my work. Definitely trying my best.


4. What we can do to help you succeed

It'd be great if we could have a recognizable voice for the video, explaining all of 1v1's features. Someone higher up perhaps, who would willingly like to sit in front of a mic for a few minutes and read a script, and talk about the server. Of course, this is optional, I could always do the voiceover myself but I figured it'd be more appealing if a higher-up did it. 

Any suggestions in the technical part of editing are welcome! I'm always trying to get better and hopefully, I can learn something new from someone else. I'm using Sony Vegas Pro 14.

I will be uploading the final project onto the channel as "unlisted", so everyone in PR+ can see before it's released publicly.


The editing process is currently in progress.

Edited by JerryBomb

JerryBomb.png.e376b34f3abbf909e911ca905e69e9b5.png.148c6b4cfc47ce26dbdfacd59a6ef633.pngCreative Team of GFL.

That's it.

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