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Best ex-Jailbreak Badmin XD


Mentions me in his Goodbye +1

Helped me out whenever I needed it +1

Overall great guy +1


Became a meme -1


Overall this Goodbye application has become too much of a meme to be accepted so I'm going to have to stick with a -1 

You can re-apply for a goodbye application after you improve on the negative points 


See ya later dude

I'm sure we will keep in touch 


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Posted  Edited by Joshy - Edit Reason: grammar

It frustrates me that so many people, including yourself, are choosing to step down all at such a small period of time, but to each their own and I wish you well (I know you aren't leaving).


This is a challenging time where being a part of the leadership has been demanding, the holidays, and for us academics...  examinations.  We're in such an awkward state where leadership is stepping down so rapid that the next candidate just isn't even inferred anymore.  I'm glad that you'll be hanging out on the forums so that there is a chance you may share your opinion and guidance to the next person who will have to pick up or fall for us.  This is really a time where I recommend for other servers to start picking up, and I'm thankful you've set a great foundation for us.  Thanks a load.


Since you commented on my picture, you can have one I took today ;) and a funny dude on the left side wearing a red beanie staring awkwardly into my camera as a friend took the picture for me



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