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Big Fan of Not Being a Fan to be Brutally Honest

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Sad to see you go, Konich; you’ve been a great friend through the Discord times. I’ll miss you, but I hope we can still keep in touch. Thanks for everything you’ve done for the moderation team. ❤️


-Semi-active boi

Yours Sincerely,


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11 minutes ago, Harakoni said:

@Kite9867 As above, although a little more activity would've been nice ; ) 

IM DYING MAN and yea I'll work on it buddy. Good luck!

Average HL2RP Enjoyer.

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Posted  Edited by Korowa

This is both surprising and not surprising to me. I was expecting this, but didn't think you'd do it. I know we've had our disagreements (plenty of them, I must add) but we got to know each other better with time. You're a good friend and were one of my favourite moderation colleagues.


As for why you're stepping down, I can certainly agree that a lot of stuff in GFL just aren't going well, and the constant drama is off-putting. It is tiresome that decisions aren't firm or coordinated between higher-ups and that only inflicts a bad view upon higher-ups on the userbase.


I hope we stay in touch. Au revoir, mon ami.


PS: Not going on AWOL often is difficult. :P

Edited by Korowa



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Posted  Edited by Liloz01

stop giving me so much clout, people actually expect me to do something now! 


jk, i love you and i'm glad you're gonna hang around just without the team leader role


thanks for being a good mod boy

Edited by Liloz01

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NIgga ill snap your Kruppstahl with my lil finger. :deletethis: 


Better keep sending gun lolis in the discord or ill shoot you with a M41! 


Former CS:GO Surf RPG Deathmatch EU/US Admin.


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glitter weed emoticonFeel free to add me on Steam if you need to ask me something.



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Posted  Edited by JGuary551

I’m mod 😦😔 Jokes aside I’m sorry to see you go we really didn’t talk but when we did it was cool and it’s fun to watching you in shoutbox 

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excuse me what the fuck



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Posted  Edited by Jat - Edit Reason: I hate spoilers


In honor of your resignation:


act dab
(I even used your version)

Good thing you're still with HnS. I probably would have died if you left again.

Edited by Jat
I hate spoilers


Made By @Lynx

jat.jpeg.cf67632929160b2d4e0df99335e7fba6.thumb.jpeg.a268ca114a3acfa34d666597b4d1a461.jpegMade By @Charmayy


Made By @Gary



Made By @Xy


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I thought you were a goof when I spoke to you on Discord, but as I read through this...  "Okay, I agree with that...  okay, that's a good point.  Oh wow, did they read my mind?"  You're spot on, and now I feel like the goof.  I'm really glad you said it all.  Thanks!


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